Ricardo Villarreal aka theycallmericky is a 24 year-old Mexican-American artist based in the Southwest side of Chicago,Il. He began writing lyrics at the age of 12 inspired initially by artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Song writing quickly became a source of self expression and self reflection which is evident in the often transparent and vulnerable themes found throughout his music. Since 2014 Ricky has released 4 mixtapes, multiple EPs and singles. Currently his debut album, “Bloom” is the most recent body of work to be completed and is slated for an April 18, 2019 release. “Bloom” is a project that sees Ricky exploring themes like love, loss, and self-reflection. After years of releasing projects and singles he has put together a body of work which serves as a look through the eyes of an artist who is hampered by only himself.